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Case Study


Bruce Power

Services Delivered:
  • Digital Strategy
  • Design
  • Web Development

The Challenge

Bruce Power is Canada’s first private nuclear generator. They provide 30% of Ontario’s power, over 4,000 jobs, and inject billions of dollars into the Ontario economy. They’ve also taken on an active role in the community through their educational and environmental initiatives – donating more than $1.3 million every year to community organizations and events, and thousands more in annual scholarships. However, trying to communicate different messages to multiple user groups resulted in a website that was bloated, confusing, and difficult to navigate, for all users.




The Approach

Knowing that the website had to support a lot of content, directed at multiple user groups – employees, general public, government, media and stakeholders – we spent a lot of time in the discovery phase, conducting interviews with representatives from each user group, in order to determine the focus of the new website. This allowed us to set primary, secondary and tertiary goals for the website, and avoid the confusion that had overwhelmed the previous design.



The new website communicates Bruce Power’s campaigns in a fresh and stimulating way, and through dynamic landing pages for key information areas, provides an engaging user experience that supports and promotes their mandate without overwhelming them. In order to keep the website clean and easily accessible we delineated different sections for the various users groups, with a separate portal for employees and a stronger, upfront emphasis on public education and the environment. Creating a separate site for Bruce Power Direct helped create a more fluid user experience that allows easier access to relevant information.